Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Are We Doing?

At some point a discussion of Tyrannosaurus Mouse and what we're doing has to happen. I'll start it now.

1. We're making an album. I figure the album will be finished sometime around the beginning of 2011. [Wow, "2011" -- that looks like a date in the far future doesn't it?] I suppose it hasn't even occurred to any of us that we would do anything other than give the music away for free. Of course you can download the entire album. But we'll also have T-shirts.

Ethan wants a physical CD. I don't know where the money will come from. Ha!

And what about a 12"? Are we cool enough to warrant a lacquer master? I don't think there are enough people willing to buy a phonograph LP of Tyrannosaurus Mouse to make it worth our while yet.

So I suspect you'll be able to (at least eventually) do any or all of the following:
a. download our album (or just some songs) for free
b. download our album (or just some songs) for any amount of money you want to pay us
c. buy our album on vinyl
d. give us lovin'

2. And what next as far as live-performance?
Well I've always seen Tyrannosaurus Mouse as being a big psychedelic band that plays on a stage with oriental rugs and chandeliers -- groovy oil light projections dance over the band and a backdrop of out of this world films play behind us while nude dancers on either side of the stage enact Salome as pots of smoke billow up from the stage turning and twisting themselves into snakes while splashes of light dapple the audience, exploding through time and the musical eruptions of the Mouse.
Now, it's quite possible that other members of the band have a different idea about what it would be like if/when we play live, but I doubt it.
We do all need some psychedelic duds. I nominate Ethan for a top hat and a cape. And I see Arie in an ascot. I always feel bad for the drummer because the drummer always seems to get the hottest, so maybe just a very frilly shirt for Lou. I get tails and paisleys.
Plus, and I may not have explained this earlier, I need a staff. I need my own guitar tech to take care of my pedals and turning on and off my delays and such. Need.

a. So where on earth could we actually perform?
I suspect we'll have trouble in normal NYC clubs with our nude dancers. That's why I'd prefer to play in theaters. Problem with theaters? They're really freakin' expensive. We can't perform at Theatresource, for instance, because we're way to loud.
b. And what about our light show? That sounds expensive too. And it sounds like it'll take some rehearsal to do.
c. How many people could we possibly expect to come see Tyrannosaurus Mouse? Could we get sixty people to show up at $10 a head? That's $600 to pay for sound, lights, and theater rental.

These and many other questions await us.


  1. While I'd certainly like a CD (I like tangible stuff), it could always happen later.
    Much of these questions hang on the bigger question of whether or not there's an audience for TM, which is hard to know without playing live. While it might pain you to start small, maybe some gigs sans dancers and lights might be in order?

  2. I think the reason people will come see Tyrannosaurus Mouse is because we have naked girls and lights.

  3. That's not going to get you out of writing lyrics.

  4. You're right. But now the lyrics won't have to make nearly as much sense.


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