Thursday, August 12, 2010

More T-Mouse P-Jackets!

Here's another interesting jacket. It's actually very reasonably priced. I'm not exactly sure how the front works -- it's not really a "cutaway" jacket. The color looks nice, even if it's not what I was originally thinking.


  1. It's a Cassock. I made one of those for Halloween when I was Neo from the Matrix. Depending on the material, it could cost less then $50 bucks. If your interested, let me know, I'll show you the one I made. It rocks.

  2. You made one? You're not a secret tailor are you? 'Cause if you've been holdin' on us... ;-)

  3. I'll try and make a long nerdy story short and cool. I loved the matrix trilogy so much that I had to have a Neo coat. Not being able to afford a real one, I taught myself to use a sewing machine, and the rest is history.

    I can't make my own patterns, but I can follow pre made patterns just fine.

  4. Oh man. Oh man. I can't believe you just told me that. You're in a very dangerous position now. Get out! Get out! You light, camera operate, edit, sound, AND can sew?
    Marry me!


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