Friday, September 2, 2011

Mix like it's 66

I went to high school with Tim Brown. Now he's a DJ on Worldcast Radio. He's DJTEI1013.
MsTickle Arts -- burlesque!
Today I am cleaning tracks for our big mixing session on Sunday. That's right we're going to mix the entire Tyrannosaurus Mouse album in one day. We're going to mix like it's 1966. Or, as Lou pointed out, "Mix like 66".
I just discovered a pretty egregious error in one of my guitar tracks. I'm glad I caught it. Obviously I was playing with compression on a sub-mix buss for the lead guitars and I'd squashed them into some fairly unpleasant distortion -- and ran the sub-mix of that guitar off as a finished, ready-to-be-mixed track. Egads!

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