Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Don't Want To Be The Fat Mouse

We had our first rehearsal in over a year last night. Not surprisingly, we sucked. I doubt, however, that any of us think we aren't going to be good (or at least as good as we get) when we do our show on the 28th Tuesday September 27th.

We played in Ethan's living room. We were relatively quiet. Ethan played his electric upright, which has some amazing sustain. I played on a couple small amps of Ethan's. Lou has this little Tama cocktail kit which he played with those quiet drum sticks. Arie has a Korg we borrowed from Tale of Two Cities running into some software on his laptop (see post below).

We were quiet enough for me to sing without a PA. I did not, of course, sing well. But it did make sense. And we didn't have to wear earplugs.

Lou drew caricatures of us as mice. I was, unfortunately, the fat mouse. They're excellent caricatures. They're mice, playing bass, guitar, keyboards, and drums. The guitar - playing mouse is the fattest. I don't want to be the fat mouse. I could lose weight. Or I could ask Lou to draw me thinner. Guess which one I did.

This is a damp koala.
Various plans have gone in various directions. The plan to mix the entire album in one day? That one worked. The plan to bring three amplifiers (two cabinets) to Ethan's house in order to practice with exactly the same gear I'll be using for the show? Not so much.
I could get real comfortable playing at reasonable volumes though. That's especially nice.

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