Monday, October 22, 2012

Whot's Wat

So it seems that honestly "getting your music out there" and "making money with your music" are just two completely different things.
And, indeed, "making money with your music" is all-but-impossible.
The profit margins of the major labels, like major film studios, is not terribly high. Small labels must have a simply miserable time.
I mean, except that the small labels do it for love.
One thing is for certain when you look at the different between now and (say) the 80's is that the act of distributing is in fact vastly easier than the hell of making 12" records and trying to get them into record stores (because lemme tell you, that sucked.)
Sometimes the world, or just the Internet, complain bitterly about economic reality (or whether Spotify is good for artists.)
My goal is simply to ensure this blog continues to be not-safe-for-work.
The fact is that all small labels exist just because whomever runs them just loves having a record label.
Also, if you're in music for the money I have some very bad news for you...
Where am I going with all this?
Making CD's and/or LP's is cool. But not a money-making enterprise.
It's cheap to get complete worldwide distribution using (for instance) CDBaby or what-have-you.
I just want to put records out there. So inclined to ignore CD's and LP personally. But I ain't agin' 'em. There. That.
And people say I'm not a professional writer...

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