Friday, October 26, 2012

Song for the Old Moon

This is a rehearsal with just guitar, bass, and drums. The guitar is my LP through the Vox amp they had there at Looming Rehearsal Studios. The bass is Ethan's new fretless Rickenbacker. You can hear me demanding that it be louder. I think it was the first time Ethan had it plugged into an amp. We had 10 minutes left at the studio and we wanted to hear the Rick. And this is what we did.

I kind of dig that we're doing the inverse of Neil Young here -- you know, lead bass guitar.
C to Em is kind of the inverse of Cowgirl in the Sand. I mean, if that's what we'd done. Really we were playing Em to Csus, C. But I think if we flip it so the beginning of the phrase is Csus to C and then onto Em it would be betterized.

Experimenting with Antress plugins. You kind of need to look around and guess which ones you want.

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