Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So This Is Happening

For $830 including free shipping and no interest for 18 months this is pretty much the best new guitar deal I've ever seen.
Josh Dillon is my sales guy at Sweetwater. Over the years I've bought lots of stuff from him. I do kind of appreciate having a person to take care of me sales-wise.
Every once in a while they get sales-happy and they do something like drop the price of new stuff down to ridiculous levels. Truthfully a thousand bucks was a reasonable price for this guitar. And with the free shipping and the interest-free financing (just make sure you pay it off by the end or you get zonked with 30% interest) it works out for me.
Is there anything I would change about this guitar? I can fathom changing the tuners and putting Lindy Fralin pickups in it, but I'm willing to bet that the tuners and pickups will rock just fine.
I do have an interest in replacing the nut with my Earvana nut. And that's all because of my life-long frustration with D chords.
The "value" part of these guitars is funny to me. The fact is that the price of them tends to not go down. Which ironically makes buying them new "cheaper" than buying them used.
I have always wanted an SG. I had a "Curley" guitar for a while which was... awful. Why P90's? Mostly because Chance Shirley insisted that was the coolest way to go.
Trapezoids. I know, there's a working-class "coolness" to just the simple dot inlays but I get my panties all in a twist over trapezoidal inlays. It's just the fey and aristocratic part of me.
I plan to play an open D chord all up and down the neck with my guitar amps wide open...

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