Monday, July 2, 2012

The Mouse Future

I had this whole thing going in my little mind about what would make people go nuts at a Tyrannosaurus Mouse show.
1. Also Sprach Zarathustra
Let's face reality. This is a piece of music Tyrannosaurus Mouse can do. This is right up our alley. We can play the heck out of this. We can make this a monster. We will make it a double-stack Leslie gorilla of supersonic groovitude. There are few things in life we can feel absolutely certain about. But this is one of them.

Phish does their version of the Deodato arrangement of the piece.

So, you say, we do Strauss' Also Spake Zarathustra. What else can we do? 2. A blues version of the theme to Brokeback Mountain. What? How? You say. The theme to Brokeback Mountain as though it is "A Little Help From My Friends" by Joe Cocker. No. Really. Brokeback Mountain: Joe Cocker: Lastwise we need to do one more thing to cement our place as immortals in the Rock world. 3. The Theme to Game of Thrones. If we just played these three songs we would have our visages chiseled upon Mount Olympus. You know we would. And the fact is, we can do these three things. Look, I know we're not the world's most technically proficient band (that's due to the stunningly 2nd-rate guitar player.) But these songs? We can play them. My birthday is coming up and I'm going to make us rehearse three times for my birthday. Then we're going to play at least one gig.

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