Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Letter to Tyrannosaurus Mouse

So this dude
puts an Am7 chord in there. To me it sounds more like we're just walking up from the G to a Dm but I dunno. I figured somebody else would have a better notion of how that works.

Inline image 1

The other things which will come up are: In Also Sprach Zarathustra do we want to do the arrangement everybody (including Phish) does? Or will we by necessity just come up with our own rhythm part?

Lastwise: that extra measure at the end of the phrase in the Game of Thrones theme (everybody know what I'm talking about?) Keep it? 

Strangely the opening of the GOT theme goes from major to minor. Are we looking at a dual-attack bass and guitar to play that ostinato line? Do we feel like the drums will all be on toms? 

Does anybody actually get these emails or do they just automatically go into spam folders?


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  1. We get the emails. Without them I wouldn't know you'd posted something new. Can read the post in the email but it would be nice if replying to the email was possible.

  2. Yeah, Blogger isn't set up so that you can comment on a post by using email. Probably because the spam level would go out the window. But really the "do you actually get these emails" was directed at my band, to whom I sent this as an email.


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