Monday, July 2, 2012

America a Prophecy

Set then there is what I do.

And the Sherlock score was written by a couple guys named Michael Price and somebody else and we  (Tyrannosaurus Mouse) should go in and out of the Game of Thrones theme with the BBC Sherlock theme because it would be awesome.
So the big deal around my brain is that there's a William Blake poem called America A Prophecy. Why was I not informed of this?
Clearly this poem should form the lyrical base for The Imaginary Opera. And indeed, it is.
Today I'm foisting my blog upon all the members of Tyrannosaurus Mouse. I hope they enjoy it and find it informative.
Hey guys: I've been practicing. I'm better now. That doesn't mean "good". But I'm better. And I'm trying to lose weight. I should get points for that.

This is what you get from a blog post on Ambien. Now I'm going to write some of the BEST poetry I've ever... what's that? Ambien walrus wants me to call all my ex-girlfriends right now. I'm too busy losing my keys.
If you get this via email or an RSS reader, go ahead and click through so you can see the actual web page. It might be easier to see the videos and some of the pictures.

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