Sunday, July 8, 2012

Col Legno Day

Today was col legno day in the Pandora Machine. I can't find my violin bow. I had a very cheap bow, so I might have thrown it away when we moved from Theatresource. I don't know.
I figured the bow would be perfect for col legno because, well, who cares about it? Instead I used a pencil -- which is apparently a very legitimate way to do col legno. At least both the piano player and the cellist in the Hunchback Variations used pencils. Actually, I think everyone in that opera used a pencil at some point.
I wrote a little thing called "Sucre". It's not named that for any reason other than I needed a name when I started.

My intent is that this play as the opening of Prometheus Trap. But we'll have it playing under the music which Finn is listening to: which is Beethoven's "moonlight" sonata. This amuses me.


  1. Who is Colonel Legno and why is he playing under the moonlight with Beethoven? Sugar est la nom, en Francais, de mon chat.

  2. Ah yes, the Chat in the parlour killed Colonel Legno with the jackrabbit. It all makes sense now.


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