Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tascam DR-680

When I blog about audio gear for movies do I put that in the blog or the blog? What if it's used for both film and music? Do I split the difference and put it in the blog? Who knows?
In any case, here's the Tascam DR-680. I started a page on the Pandora Machine Wiki for it.
Here's a review on the Tascam DR-680 from the B&H website.
The Tascam DR-680 parties with the best of 'em.
Now the other thing we want to do is to use the Tascam to record music. And that, obviously, has been a big adventure. But there's six analog inputs on the Tascam and we should be able to plug into it. Right?
Last recording we did we'd plugged the bass directly into the M-Audio 2626's instrument-level input. I realize that's a bit of a cheat, using the M-Audio rather than more fancy-pants preamps. But it worked okay actually.
So now we have to figure: will that work? What do we use as a direct box? Or do we make (Greg's) guitar go through the Lindell preamps and use the DI input on a Neve for bass? Or do we put the overheads through the Lindell preamps and... who knows?

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