Thursday, October 20, 2011


I've been experimenting with SynthFont in order to see if it will play this one particular Steinway Gigasample I have. It doesn't really work. Sigh. But SynthFont might be good for our other keyboard needs. Arie might play with it and decide.
Tim Dolbear is the Samplitude dude in North America. This is his setup.
So here's a story: an artist goes on a huge internationally syndicated radio program. The next day the artist gets 500,000 hits on the artist's website.
The sales the artist got?
No sales whatsoever.
Oh, and we managed to bust two three of our chargers and one two batteries over the time we've had our Sound Devices 702. But I didn't know what sort of charger we should get. So I wrote to Sound Devices and they wrote right back to tell me that the XL-WPH3 (which is the wall-power supply that came with the 702) will actually charge a battery in the 702. Derp. I didn't know that. But also we can blow $150 on an XL-Charge, which allows you to charge 2 Sony L-mounts. Which we will probably do this week.
(Note this is a cat from the Internet. I wouldn't put our little orange freak machine anywhere near my Les Paul.)

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