Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Memoriam of the Drum Fill

 One thing I've always complained about is the over-playing of drum fills. Those "machine gun" fills of 32nd notes going down the racks of toms just... well they just practically never work. You'll notice that your "heavier" drummers practically never do them. John Bonham is very specific about every note in his fills.
That being said, what the heck has happened to drum fills? Did the advent of drum machines simply make them seem unnecessary, even in power trios?

You'd think that Civil Twilight's Letters from the Sky would be a perfect opportunity for what Ethan calls "In the Air Tonight" - style drum fills. Instead we get a quarter-note of a bit of snare and a tom before the band kicks in the first time and nothing the second time the band kicks in.
Maybe I just have spectacularly bad taste. Maybe this is why I'm not a rock star. But don't you just want to hear a giant drum fill bringing the band back in in this song?

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