Sunday, October 17, 2010

There Was a Mouse in the Studio Today

Gaspare Traversi's La leçon d'écriture
He was itty-bitty. Very kangaroo-y. With a long tail. But otherwise very small. I tried naming him but didn't know if it was a boy or a girl. Maybe "Michelle" if it's a girl or a French boy. Michelle the Mouse. Boing.

I'm looking at works of art it would be amusing to emulate in our official band photo.

And don't forget Rembrandt

Reynolds, Joshua (1723-1792) - 1777c. The Dilettanti Society

Salimena, Francesco (1657-1743) - 1715c. Self Portrait (Uffizi, Florence)
At least it wasn't a mouse...
Traversi, Gaspare (1722-1770) - 1754 The Sitting (Louvre, Paris)
I suspect some details of the poses in this Boilly painting might be just what the Mouse ordered.

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