Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'm convinced that we have to perform Tyrannosaurus Mouse live in a theater. Shockingly, I started a theater so that my band Prague Spring could perform live (we only did two sets of concerts at Theatresource with Prague Spring though.)
Sleeping cats are appropriate for all posts.
One issue with Tyrannosaurus Mouse is that we're just way too loud for Theatresource. The neighbors will set the place ablaze if we were to play there. The other thing is that I really want a proscenium stage. I want it to look like a theater.
What's keeping us (in my mind) from performing in a club (which would be vastly cheaper) is the fact that I feel the show should involve naked dancers with groovy psychedelic lights painting their bodies. I suspect that's just out-and-out illegal in New York City anymore.

Here's a couple theaters my friend Vinnie Marano suggested looking at:

Connelly Theater

13th Street Repertory Company

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