Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mouse Coats

Nice tails for a uniform.
Would this piping be annoying with a guitar?
These images are from this UK store, Sutlers. I suspect that the tails I want are simply not going to be available on a military jacket. And the things like the nice collar I want won't be available on a civilian jacket. Plus, you know I need epaulets. Right? Everybody needs those.

Maybe I need to start looking at 19th-Century Russian military. Or maybe I need to find a cutter/draper who will actually make one of these things for me!

Indeed, my friend Vinny Marano has a tie (which he insisted on giving to me but I'm taking it only as a "lend") which has the perfect paisley material for a psychedelic jacket. Now to find a few yards of this material...

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