Thursday, September 2, 2010

Radio Reddit

It's true kids, this is the way it used to go down.
In my journey to figure out what we're going to do once we actually have an album I've been looking at different things. Today I discovered Radio Reddit.

SonicScoop is  "NYC's music and sound creation connection". It would be nice to have an actual community of such minded people. (The Jam is something like that. Heck, Theatresource used to be much like that -- a real community -- and it may yet be again one.)

What is Tyrannosaurus Mouse going to do once we've completed this album? Is Lou going to stand on the corner with Arie saying to passers-by "Hey man, you did old school progressive rock? This one's gotta mouse on the cover. Check it out!"

I say somebody gets us a gig to play on Saturday Night Live. That's what I say.

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