Friday, February 7, 2014

The Diatoms of Earth

This is the first full-band rehearsal of Diatomaceous Earth in two months. We played two new things which we've been working on.

These are edited performances. Lily is going direct into a Neve through her preamp. Ethan is hitting the Lindell preamps. I've pretty well decided that Greg's guitar amp does perfectly well through the Tascam preamp built into the interface (if you were to go to last week's rehearsal and listen to his guitar -- one side is a Tascam pre and the other is a Neve pre, see if you can tell the difference.)
Lily and Greg

The kick and the snare are replaced with Drum Workshop kick and snare. I believe that Lou didn't play the toms even once for the whole session.
I've decided that for a distortion pedal, the Iron Bell is for me.
Also, doesn't anybody want to manage a rehearsal studio for us? We could rent one by the month and all you'd have to do is rent out the rest of the nights and walk home with the profit. We just want to be able to keep our stuff set up.

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