Monday, February 24, 2014

The Last Word on Flatwound Bass Strings

So one odd thing about flatwound string sets is that they don't have the variety of sizes in sets that roundwound strings have.

The answer is that I got a 5-string set of TI's. Yeah. I know. If I haven't made three more albums by this time next year something is very wrong.

Anyway, here is Ethan on lighter-gauge versions of flatwound strings (starting with 40's).
I find the fish hysterical.

"Here's one:

You could try these:
Or get the extra light 4-string set here:
And add a B string from here:

Or get this 4-string set:
and add a B string from here:

Or build a 40,60,80,100,120 set from here:

Or get these, which feel much lighter than they are:

I've never put flats on a 5-string, so I didn't realize that the selection of sets is more limited.  This is where Jason is really useful because he carries singles of so many brands and you can just add a B to a four string set."

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