Friday, May 4, 2012

Delicate Kickstarting

My buddy Chance's band, the Delicate Cutters, is releasing a new album soon. They're using a Kickstarter model to make a vinyl record.
Which, to me, means their record company is really really good to them. The business of music is tremendously hard, and they all know they need to work together to make something happen. Skybucket seems really awesome.

I wish we had a Skybucket for Tyrannosaurus Mouse.

Granelli Audio Labs makes an L-shaped '57. Which is, of course, super awesome. The Shure 57 isn't just an ubiquitous microphone because it's an old design and it's cheap — no. It sounds really good in many applications. You can mic guitars with it. Vocals. You can even use it for production sound (in a pinch). You can put it on a snare drum. Record a Hammond Organ with it.
And an "L" shape? Just makes it that much easier to get where it needs to go. Cheap too.

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