Monday, March 4, 2013

Blue Concept

[Nothing for the 1st of March on Taxi for me.] Click through for a proof of concept for recording drums with only two mics. Here I was going for a dry mid-70's sound. I feel somewhat successful. My guitar playing is simply atrocious. And honestly the drums are e'en now too compressed. There's no reverb on them but there's a multiband compressor on the drum track itself and on the whole mix.
There's still way too much of the other instruments in the drum tracks. I have two submixes: one for drums and one for the bass and guitars. Honestly if you were to solo the drum mix it wouldn't sound that substantially different from what we have here.
The drum sound is in the ballpark. Right now the bass is enormous, vastly more than you could expect from an analog master.
With the headphone amplifier we may be able to turn down the instrument amps. Honestly we don't play very loud. I could measure it but we're staying under 85dB SPL A in the rehearsal room. But ha! It may encourage Dave to play louder if we don't put any drums into his headphone mix. Hee!
In order to get to this mix I'd put way too much stuff on the submixes and the mix buss. And then I started taking stuff away until it sounded better. You'll notice that there's no lack of compression. It's plenty compressed.
Now I'll admit that with the whole 2-mics on the drumkit ideology that it's impossible to do things like, say, put special reverb on the snare drum. See? This is me. Admitting that.
But I'm kind of digging where this whole experiment is going. Plus, one day I'll actually be able to play this song.

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