Saturday, September 29, 2012


You'll recall, because you are deeply fascinated by this, that the last set of acoustic guitar strings I put on my Martin were, in fact, Martin strings.
And with the Delicate Cutters coming to town they needed to borrow an acoustic guitar because they absolutely could not fit another instrument in their van (I helped load the van, they seriously had zero room for an acoustic guitar.)
New strings, aren't you excited?
And I felt bad about not putting new strings on the guitar I lent them. But if I put new strings on it the day of the show they might have trouble staying in tune. Also, they could be too bright. So I didn't, then. But I did, just now.
The DR's I've now put on sound very good. And they seem to stay in tune very well so I needn't have worried (also, Janet from the Delicate Cutters has a preternatural superpower wherein her guitars just stay in tune... this is a power I simply do not have as I must re-tune at the end of each song (sometimes in the middle of a song.)
The strings might be a tad bright for a flat pick. That's a "might" be. And if you used the internal pickup in the guitar they'd almost be "electric-y". So it was maybe a good choice not to restring. I dunno.
Martin has a "care and feeding" guide  for acoustic guitars. They suggest a temperature of 72-75 Fahrenheit (which seems a bit hot to me) and 45-55 percent humidity (which seems a bit dry to me.) But that's just me.

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