Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pleasuring the Empire

My thoughts lately are that I need to put together a band to play all the stuff that Tyrannosaurus Mouse has rejected.
Essentially that's the entire Imaginary Opera.
I'm not entirely sure what the instrumentation should be. I had been kind of digging the electric upright bass sound but maybe a new band, "Pleasure for the Empire" if you will, would be better off with... what? A Koto drummer and cello?
Or maybe a straight-up power trio with backing tracks of synthesizer sequences -- old-school like early '70's The Who?
It'd be nice to get a group of people enthusiastic about playing this material.
The nice thing about The Imaginary Opera is that it has a story one would actually like to watch on stage.

Plus it might be amusing to do the things like Also Sprach Zarathustra live because let's face it, regular beer-drinking people will just love that.

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