Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This is more of a Jethro Tull cat. 
Analyzing the structure of the Yes song Roundabout. I will not say this is definitive in any way shape or form. And ironically it's the shape and form I'm trying to figure out here.

One of the things about this song I find interesting is that they do a great job of making little turn-around sections to get from one place to another. Really the song is mostly what I'm calling the "A" section. And Yes are the kings of placing one section over another. They must compose working out new riffs underneath the same vocal lines in order to create those sections. And then they probably do the opposite -- make new vocal parts over the same riffs in order to create choruses.

Opening/Intro -- acoustic guitar with harmonics and reversed piano
A section with acoustic guitar and fast bass
A section verse
B section with sequencer
A section verse 2
B section
A section Chorus version -- syncopated kick and bass "In and around the lake..."
A section with acoustic guitar and fast bass
A section verse 3 "I will remember you"
B section turns around to
A section Chorus with arpeggiated keys "In and around the lake"
B section turn around
C section rock riff
C section "verse" with riff underneath
C section with syncopated keyboard riff
C section verse
C section "Roundabout"
Opening 2 -- acoustic guitar and Arp 2600 sequence
Going into flutes (In and around the lake...)
A section -- electric guitar -- syncopated bass and drums -- with Hammond solo
D section -- electric guitar walk up and turn around back into
A section -- adding Hammond playing a sequence of 16ths similar to Opening 2
D section -- turn around and guitar solo
A section -- Chorus version
A section -- (In and around the lake)
E section -- "Da da da" -- I don't really know
Coda -- I think this is a unique section -- acoustic guitar only

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