Thursday, February 23, 2012

Various stuff on sound

I called the New York City-based rental house Dreamhire today and asked if he would match the rates of a rental house on the West Coast. He actually laughed at me. Problem is that Dreamhire's daily rate for a Cedar DNS 1000 is $185, while it's only $80/day at Audio Rents in California.

Although Audio Rents in CA has a 2-day minimum. Plus, of course, you have to pay for shipping.

The two words I have to say are "meh" and "feh".

There are a buncha audio post facilities in New York. Like:

Stavrosound has a post on using multi-band expansion for dialog tracks. (In our shop we buss all the dialog to a subgroup with Samplitude's multiband expander strapped over it.)

I'm going over much more detail about mixing for film at because it's such an incredibly exciting topic.

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