Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pat DuBois

My buddy Pat DuBois, who was a longtime bassist in Pavlov and the Drooling Dogs, wrote a moving and insightful testimonial about Dean Powell. Dean introduced Pat to me.
Pat pointed out to me that where Dean opened for Bruce Springsteen at The Ledge, the first Pavlov gig was at The Ledge. But it was in the middle of lunchtime.
Dig Pat on the Rickenbacker. That's Jodee James singing and me on guitar. This is probably 1984.
What Pat doesn't point out in his Dean tribute is that Dean was really yelling at him because he's such a fantastic bass player. If he'd sucked, Dean wouldn't have been so passionate. ;-)


  1. Thanks for the kind word Andrew ... I still have that bass!

    The picture was taken at "The Roxy" in New Brunswick. The place was like a long railroad car (before they bought the place next door and expanded) ... if you wanted to use their bathroom you had to walk right through middle of the band toward that EXIT sign. The bartenders were (twin?) brothers that looked a little like the "Mario Brothers" ... short but very tough Italian guys. I remember being treated to watching them beatup a couple of the members of the band "Genocide" one night ... (Gimme a beer! ... It's past last call ... GIMME A BEER YOU ___ ___!" The brothers vaulter over the bar and took care of business ... the entire bar erupted and a budy of mine said "Im getting out of here and he ended up getting knocked about a bit ... I sat still like "Wimpy" in a Popeye cartoon untouched sipping my beer in the middle of it.

    I was sporting that flannel (before we ever heard of Nirvana) and I'm sure I was wearing work (not that I worked much) boots. You guys hated what I wore! ... and you know I wasn't going to look at the crowd! ... not until I had at least 8 beers ... then I'd look at 'em by golly! "That's right, the words are "exiled to Babylon! WHAT OF IT!? NO WE DON'T KNOW FREEBIRD!"

    Is that "Mark Manto" on the drums back there? I love the photo ... any more from that era?

  2. Yeah, I remember people walking through the band in the middle of songs to use the toilet. Jeez.
    Pat -- you were WAY ahead of your time. But yeah, we never learned Freebird.

    I bet that was Mark!


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