Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Arie is a 48 extra long
So far he's the only one who's told me his size.
Shockingly, I don't even know my own size. Eerf. I'll be updating this page once more news comes in on this exciting subject.
UPDATE: Ethan is a 42
Lou doesn't know what his size is. He certainly doesn't want to wear a jacket while playing live.

Tell me you don't want these groovy guitar picks. That's Clayton Custom guitar picks. What I don't have right now is $69 to buy a hundred of them. I mean, we still have to mix our album yet. Not to mention get an oil projector and a Jabberwock. O. It is so hard to be me.
I'm pretty sure my guitar playing would be better if I had a set of these picks.

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