Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things Three

1. Don't think I'm not adding tape and tube amp hiss under the entire album. Because I am.
2. Bandcamp is awesome.
3. I made some changes to make One Last Drink better. Unfortunately I played the Hammond solo in it. That must be cured by Arie playing the Hammond solo.
4. (Yeah, I added this later) I'm not that happy with the first guitar solo (the one after the first verse). And yeah, those guitars are noisy. It's a tad annoying to hear the noise come in before the first note of a section.
The first guitar is too loud and compressed in this mix. By "first guitar" I mean the first one I recorded with the rhythm tracks. Don't worry, I know which one I'm talking about. I did fix one bit of overplayed sloppiness in the guitar solo before the keyboard solo and I feel much better about that.*
5. Samplitude has simply amazing effects in it. Built-in there are the nicest tape-like compressors, 1176-type compressors, and big ol' fat Fairchild-esque compressors as well as tube channel strips. I'll admit a liking for those Waves SSL buss compressors, but the effects in Samplitude are nice.
6. In the Mouseverture in the top 16 bars there's a bit where Ethan and Lou do fills at the same time and then the next phrase neither of them fills. I say move Ethan's fill to the hole in Lou's fill and everything will sound deliberate and nobody will even know unless they read this blog.**
7. Also, I'm still under the impression that the 2nd Em-G guitar solo should simply be excised as a section. I certainly don't play anything interesting in it, that's for sure.***

*This has been fixed.
**This has been fixed in version 2.01
***This was fixed violently in version 2.02. I actually chopped out a Em-G part and the first chromatic thing (the chromatic part before the keyboard triplets). It's kind of a big change but I think it makes the song betterized.

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