Sunday, February 6, 2011

Latest versions of things

If you've got 14 minutes and 46 seconds of your life you never want back*, here's the latest version of the Mouseverture.
I think that the thing we need to do to really make this song pop out is to change the size of the apparent room -- tighten up to a very small room in some sections and then go to an enormous stage at other times. That's what I think.
Ice Maiden is only seven minutes and twenty-nine seconds. I think I have to make the vocal line "your pale blue eyes" better. I'm sure I've done it a bunch of times. I'll just keep doing it... er... different. Somehow.**

Note that you can't see the Bandcamp widgets in an RSS reader. So click through and listen to some music.
If you want to spend a whole bunch of money on a smoking cap, Antique Arts has a beautiful one. We're talking almost five bills, though.

*Lookit that, we're down to 13:07
**As I go through things I discover what sort of things I've already changed. And apparently I took that note already. I think. Anyway, that line doesn't bother me as much anymore.

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