Thursday, February 10, 2011

Notes on Loudness and Mouses

You know, as much as I complain about people trying to regulate the "loudness wars", I do think that we're going to tend to want to keep the brick-wall limiting on the Tyrannosaurus Mouse record to a minimum.
The drums will be louder and bigger than the majority of records made in the early '70's. But we're certainly not going for that new-rock monster wall of sound wall sound.

And really, I'd love to look at how compressed the Beatles were. Because on my iPod the "loudness" of late Beatles records is pretty freakin' loud.

Notes only I will understand:

3:00 gtr flub
9:20 go ahead and clean the guitar up here
11:50 gtr noise before entrance

Has the noisiest vocal tracks. Especially that first line.
"Lash me to the mast" is also noisy.

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