Friday, January 3, 2014

The Forsaken Gods

If I had a fantasy metal band we would play songs like "Ride the Night Worm" and "My Name is a Killing Word". The name of the band would be FORSAKEN GODS.

Here are the lyrics to the first song from our new album.

God is a robot
He takes my soul
God is a robot
Forty meters wide
God is a robot
Buried deep in the ground
God is a robot

God is a robot

With Ministers of Sound
God is a robot
Ripping Joy from your minds
God is a robot
500 poisons strong

God is a robot
He infects our flesh
A thousand tiny needles
Penetrate the sentients 

God is a robot

When he becomes aware
Death to Organics
Death to Organics!

The music itself, of course, pretty much writes itself.

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