Friday, February 8, 2013

Acid Rock

So, recording then. With City Samanas. This song ended up being fairly acid rock like.

Here's an album. I mean, so far it's just one song. But it could be the start of an album.
I put this piece up here rather than on the City Samanas page just because I felt this was more raucous than City Samanas and probably sounded more like Pleasure for the Empire. I, of course, haven't told any of the City Samanas that. Er. Yet.

The other things include suchly:
This was the first recording with the Lindell mic preamps and the Edwina microphones. I used the Edwinas going into the Lindells on the left and right side of the drum kit. When I first listened back I was all like "Egads!" because the whole thing was way too bright.
There are a number of reasons that was true but lets face it, with the EQ available on the Lindell preamps I decided to just, you know, use some. Because I had them. I, of course, had to set the levels just by eye because I really can't monitor while recording live band (I do actually have to play in the band mind you.)
I'd kicked a little bit of high mids up on the Lindells. And the Edwina mics could handle that very nicely.
I love the color on the Edwina mics. I don't know how great they work with the whole band in the room. Off-axis they're not linear at all -- they're very dark. So (say) the bass gets picked up great in them. Do they offer more isolation than the Oktava 012's? I dunno.
The drum set was rather creaky on Wednesday night. More creaky than I'd noted it being before.
I may not be doing things the way I ought to. Perhaps the Edwinas should be on the drums but the drums go through three channels of Neve preamps? Or perhaps the drums get the Oktava microphones with the Lindell preamps? Or perhaps some other thing altogether.
I wasn't altogether happy with my guitar sound. This was the first time at this space I was unhappy with my sound. I'm not too sure what was going on. I played with the amp a bit. It might just be a thing. You know, that happens.

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