Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bowed Tailpiece

Of the many things I have to do this month, feel free to include scoring our new movie Prometheus Trap. Basically the sound we're going for here is Penderecki c.1962.
One of the sounds I'm looking for is the sound of a violin's tailpiece being bowed.

As far as I can tell, exactly one sound library has any "bowed tailpiece" sounds and that's the Sonivox String Collection. But that's a thousand dollars. And actually it just has cello and bass bowed tailpiece sounds although that's probably OK.
The other option I thought of was to get a cheap student violin and bow the bridge myself. Problem is I'm not a violin player and I bet the resonance on a student violin actually does suck to a degree which makes every sound (including "effects" sounds) from the violin just sorta stink.
There's another library called "Violence" (get it?) which has a bunch of violin effects but I don't know if that will do for me what I desire.


  1. Lawrence Welk, asked to comment on the increasing amount of violence on TV, said: "I hate violence but I need 4 of them in my orchestra".

  2. Yes, the sax and violins, they're everywhere.


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