Thursday, August 16, 2012

Best of Prague Spring

Ed McNamee wants me to make a Prague Spring "best of" album. It would go like this:

the best of
Prague Spring

  1. Hold You Forever d
  2. What Will Be  y
  3. A Few Delicious Kisses  f
  4. Dona Nobis Pacem  y
  5. Real World  y
  6. A Fountain of Tears  d
  7. Give Me a Sign  y
  8. October River  f
  9. Another Wasted Afternoon  d
  10. Kyrie Eleison  d
  11. One Last Drink  f
  12. World Without End  y
All Songs by
Andrew Bellware
y   A Handful of Quietness - 1992
d   A Garden of Kisses - 1993
f   October River - 1995
I think I have to make a account for Prague Spring and put that music up first. "Retrograde" is, of course, my name for the record as Ed had suggested "Perennials" which to me doesn't exactly sound like Prague Spring. But who am I to say what Prague Spring sounds like? Oh. Right. Exactly.

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