Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Direction

I think Tyrannosaurus Mouse should be a cross between Britney Spears' Piece of Me and XX.

Dig the Arp 2600-like sound in Piece of Me. Of course, we're incapable of not going in a direction more like ELP rather than dance music.

Piece Of Me (Main Version)
I do wish the guitar sounds XX uses were a tad more interesting. They sound a bit like they're recorded into "virtual" amps. Digital modelling amps do indeed sound pretty good. I mean generally. The one thing I simply can't get out of a digital amp is a good clean sound. Seems ironic, don't it? But that huge thick Deluxe sound I just can't get from any modelling amps I've tried.

I'm perfectly cognizant of the fact that anything I say about how Tyrannosaurus Mouse is going to sound is completely fantasiacal. It'll sound like whatever it is that we do. After we figure out what that is.

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