Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I don't understand ASIO. I don't understand VST. I get that they both make my life easier. I totally get that. I mean, until they crash at least.
One day I'm going to go to a whole lot of trouble to really "get" at least one of these things. I have to figure out hardware monitoring. Right now I seem to be both hardware and software monitoring because I get this delay on anything I record (in the monitors, not in the actual recording.)
Anyway, ASIO. It lowers the latency of recordings. It makes it easier to use software instruments.
I suspect that the relative lack of ease for ASIO making instant sense to everyone is that every software/hardware combination is completely different.
I'm using Samplitude (Sound on Sound review here) with a MOTU UltraLite interface (with an Apogee Mini-Me as the master clock and the analog inputs for the S/Pdif input on the UltraLite -- let me tell you, the Apogee clock on the UltraLite makes a very audible difference).

But I still don't really understand how to route things. And that may be as simple as me not really understanding my sound card (the UltraLite).
But one day. Oh yes one day. I will understand them.

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