Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wooden Ships

So, at some point, Ethan remarked that my guitar tone sounded "very good" and that it reminded him of Stephen Stills' sound in "Wooden Ships."
This is amongst the highest compliments a guitar player could ever receive.
And the fact is that I'm very proud of the clean guitar parts on the Mouseverture and the Narwhal Song.
Nowadays when we're trying to figure out how we're going to actually play live, I wonder how I'm going to deal with my guitar rig.
And the fact is that I just can't get that sound from my Peavey Vyper modelling amplifier. I can get it in spades from my Lil' Dawg "Mutt" (jump the channels and turn the right channel all the way down, neck pickup on the Les Paul Custom.)

Now I have heard that Stephen Stills himself used a blonde Bassman. And he mostly used Gretch guitars with their somewhat unusual electronics. But I'm not getting that sound out of the JTM-45 clone by Celtic I have. The big, what I would call "compressed" sound is just coming from the Mutt. And it does sound big.
Remember when I talked about that fantastic sounding Blankenship? The Mutt gives that to me -- especially with the 10" Weber.
Sigh. I didn't want to have to carry these exotic tube amps on the road -- it's going to make my load-in more difficult. And I'll certainly need an assistant to change settings in songs and such. Hoo boy.
Protecting the amps and the speaker cabinet from getting all scratched up will be a pain. The cases will weigh more than the amps.

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