Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Recording loud electric guitars in one's apartment (Opus 24, Volume XVI, No. 2)

I got my new Redco plate.

It came in a nice ziplock bag. The total price with shipping was like $80 which, honestly, is a great deal. Yeah, if I spent a couple days sourcing parts and stripping wire I could have made it for like what? $50? But I wouldn't have done as nice a job and I wouldn't have the front panel labeled as well. Oh, and I don't even have the tools for working with shrink-wrap so let's just call it an even $350 for me to do this work. Plus I'd need to practice for a couple days. So yeah. Redco is the way.
A fine job making cable.

First thing I did with it was to label the ends.
Now I just have to figure how I'm going to mount the plate. I may just put a whole bunch of holes in the side of my road case.
The big holes for the actual connectors are (I believe) 15/16" (don't you just love Imperial?) Then I have to add holes for the machine screws which you see on either side. Those are 1.25" apart on center. Then the actual holes for bolting the plate to the roadcase (in the above picture those are the empty holes -- you only see one of them).
I think that will be best. The plate is of course designed to go on an electrical junction box but I feel my method would be better. Unless it isn't. In which case I might change my mind.

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