Sunday, March 6, 2011

Different Differences

So this new version of Mercury actually has no compression on the 2-mix buss. I'm colluding the mixes down to 16 or so tracks each so that they're easier to mix. That means we're committing to effects on the vocals and guitars.

I made a selection of which bass guitar track to use. I didn't consult Ethan*. I just... made a decision. Having listened to the three bass tracks we recorded I think that on this song we clearly don't want the DI track, and the two tracks of mics on amp cabinets honestly don't sound that different. Again, that's only on this particular song, other songs demonstrate different differences.

Remember that you can always listen to the latest version of our songs here.

*I don't, incidentally, do this with the specific purpose of irking him. Besides, I can always go back and get the other bass tracks at any time.

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